What People Are Saying About Animation Toolworks' LunchBox DV,
LunchBox Sync and Video LunchBox

The LunchBox DV, LunchBox Sync and Video LunchBox are used by animation studios, independent animators, colleges, high schools, even elementary schools, museums, students, and hobbyists.
All quotes are from LunchBox customers, or from published reviews.

What Teachers are saying

What Students are saying

What Stop Motion animators are saying

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"With the LunchBox, capturing frames is as simple as pushing a single button on the front of the box. Editing is just as simple...

for ease of use and portability, there's no beating the LunchBox DV...

a must-have for any professional studio or school animation program."

 Animation Magazine, Feb. 2008



Bill Plympton,
"The LunchBox is the only machine that works as fast as me. It's indispensable for my films."