What Traditional Animators Are Saying About the LunchBox

Bill Plympton,
"The LunchBox is the only machine that works as fast as me. It's indispensable for my films."

Mark Simon, Producing 2D Independent Character Animation
"One of the fastest and easiest products to use is a stand-alone hardware unit called the Video LunchBox Sync . . . We've used an older version of the LunchBox in our studio for years."

Steve Thenell, Duck Soup Produckions
 "It is a simple, easy to use machine used to capture frame-by-frame animation. It also makes it easy to edit and change any part of your animation without having to reshoot the entire scene."

Steven Subotnick, Animation in the Home Digital Studio, Focal Press:
 "The great advantage of the LunchBox is that it is dependable and easy to use."

Webster Colcord, Pacific Data Images
"a terrific tool for stop motion and cel animators"

Nathan Strum, Cal Arts
"The editing features are invaluable for character animation."

Brian Wells, Portland State U.
"the one piece of equipment I have that makes me an independent animation studio!"

Gavrilo Gnatovich, Big Cheese, Knock Knock Cartoons
"It's very quick, I really appreciate it... It's an excellent machine"

Photo of Video LunchBox
from Mark Simon's book,

"Producing 2D Independent Character Animation
Making and Selling a Short Film"

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