What Teachers Are Saying About the LunchBox

Julia Sanzberro, Rubidoux High School
"I have your multireel lunchbox and it is a dream come true for my class. The kids just love to experiment with it, and that is a powerful learning tool"

George Eastman, Illinois Institute of Art
"incredibly effective. . . motivates and energizes students to want to do more and better work . . . To me, it is the Holy Grail of Animation." Read the whole letter

Dennis Dittrich, New Jersey City University
"This machine is the most amazing piece of gear imaginable for an animation student. Simple as a toaster and faster than Wild Bill Hickock." & "indestructible and simple as a wedge"

Rafael Gallardo, Cabrillo High School
"The LunchBox works great. It doubled our productivity over our previous system."

David Ehrlich, Dartmouth College
"It is INVALUABLE. They learn their mistakes more quickly ... It's perfect for our needs ... It's head and shoulders over the use of After-effects, Premiere or Director"
"Hey, I use your Lunchbox ALL the time for testing ALL my personal work (when I can steal it away from my students, of course)."

Tracy Geraghty, manager of Galway Film Centre, Ireland
"The Lunchbox . . . added to the creative energy & enthusiasm in a way in which I have never seen ... Words do not cover the enormity of this experience."

Jean Poulot, Sookmyung Women's University
"user friendly, portable and reliable. I could not animate without one, nor teach without one"

Rick Bremer, San Dimas High School
"There is nothing you can get that is easier to use. You will be able to get many, many more students through the system in the same amount of time."

John Teton, Earthlight Pictures Animation Training
"The set of improvements with Sync is huge, one of the largest overall improvements of any high-tech product line I've ever seen. And the value is great... bravo to AT for coming up with such a great new device."

Thomas Renoldner, ASIFA Austria
"I have been using Lunchbox in numerous animation workshops, starting with children in the age of five years up to professional filmmakers. It is easy to learn, you have no "computer problems", and it really helps a lot to develope creative ideas, because you can immediately see the results of your work. I used it for all kind of animation techniques, and after I received now the MultiReel version, I can only say it's "just a dream".

Cord Rawlinson, Summerville High School:
"Animation Toolworks has made our animation program really shine!"

Don Duga, School of Visual Arts, in an AWN article
"Life drawing couldn't have moved until we had the LunchBox."

Nathan Strum, Cal Arts
"The editing features are invaluable for character animation.", and "The MultiReels are great! The students were thrilled to get them."

George Ozuna, NE School of the Arts, San Antonio
"I love this machine. [Students] work on the creative process & not the technical rules that guide computers"

Animation Magazine, August 2001
"the LunchBox Sync really is a magical thing. . . I love the new model",
"it makes technology a facilitator rather than an obstacle"

Hugo Verdeguer, School of Visual Arts
"the students love it a lot more than the computers with frame grabbing software (too many distractions, crashes, windows and processes to output). It's hard enough animating, why should testing/shooting be another hurdle?"

Carole Gurges, Wilsonville Primary School
"I would definitely recommend the Video LunchBox...the instantaneousness of the product energizes the kids"

Jason Reinier, Bay Area Discovery Museum
"Get it, it will fulfill all your expectations and then some. No technological barriers, for kids or adults."

Jason Godding, Arts Umbrella (Vancouver, Canada)
"it's ideal for what we are doing, which is teaching 9-12 year olds and teens."

Scott Cone, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
 "there is no better technology for learning animation."

Tom Brierton, Columbia College, author of book on Armatures
"We love our LBS at Columbia. Students are using it quite a bit, and their animation is improving by leaps and bounds. It's a great tool."

Trudy Williams, Ph.D., Animation Snack Workshop:
"just finished another animation workshop. As usual, the LunchBox was awesome, the Reels great, can't imagine how I did without them."

Ryan Moffett, Murray High School
"Our school just purchased the lunchbox and we LOVE it... Claymation has never been easier... Thank you so much for this great tool."

Sue Conklin, Will Vinton Studios
"The Video LunchBox is revolutionizing schools' ability to teach animation"

Chuck Peterson, GRMC
"What an elegant little product you have there!"

Lock Wolverton, Disney Institute
"You've made it 10 times more capable than it was before, and it's still easy"

Hugo Verdeguer, School of Visual Arts
"although we've invested in computers capturing via Frame Thief & Premiere, we overwhelmingly favor the LunchBox Sync . . . students achieve an even higher level of understanding motion"


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