What Students Are Saying About the LunchBox

Chris Conforti, 2005 Student Academy Award winner for Frog
"the only reason why I reserved any studio time at all was so I could use the LunchBox pencil test systems. It just allows you to see and edit your work so easily, I don't think I could have finished in time without it. Mad Props! "

Alex Woo, 2004 Student Academy Award winner for Rex Steele
"It's pretty much impossible to animate without a LunchBox...if someone knows how, can you please tell me?"

Brooke Keesling, Student Academy Award winner for Boobie Girl
"The LunchBox absolutely improves the quality of my animation by allowing me to easily test timing in a variety of ways. . . I feel secure using the LunchBox, I have fun and am more free to experiment."

Kyle Clark, Student Academy Award winner for Switchback
"a necessary item to achieve the quality of animation I got. I probably could not have done it without the Video LunchBox."

Doug Moscowitz, Student
"Frame grabbing software works well, but it's not as user friendly and straight forward as a LunchBox. They also... are generally obsolete by the time they are purchased and fully learned. "

Elizabeth Johnson, Student
"You make an amazing product and I love the LunchBox!"

Jeff Ent, Student/Professional Animator
"Everything is instant....If you do any animation & compare the test results from a lunchbox to a pc you will die waiting in comparison."

Susannah Shaw, Author of Stop motion, Craft skills for Model Animation, Focal Press
"To get right away from the nightmare of which animation software or video capture card to choose there is the extremely straight-forward Lunchbox. This is the simplest set-up of all and it is a great learning tool. "

Tony Magpantay, Student
"The speed of this thing is fast enough to keep up with my creativity. I absolutely love it. I don't know what I did without it"

Josh Jennings, Student
"I don't think I could have learned how to animate as fast as I have without it. It really has made the learning process extremely easy... my skill level just keeps getting better."

Dick Kaneshiro, Student
"The Lunchbox is a great tool. I don't have to squint at a little window on a computer anymore."

Michael Montalbano, Student
"it's excellent, so nice to see animation right away, I love it. For someone like me, it's unbelievable."

Jimmy Gramblin, Student
"I use the luncchbox everyday at the Rocky Mountian College of Art and Design. It is far superior to any software!!!!"

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