What Stop Motion Animators Are Saying About the LunchBox

Chris Finnegan, Animator on Robot Chicken
"The Lunchbox Sync worked out great on Robot Chicken. We did a lot of cycles and the Lunchbox makes it so easy to set your "in" and "out" points on the fly. The capacity is great too-- we took advantage of the multiple reels so animators could reference other shots in a long sequence. Perfect tool for stop-motion... Fun at parties too!"

Anthony Scott, Nightmare Before Christmas, James & the Giant Peach
"The Video Lunchbox is the best tool for the Stop-Motion Animator."

Brian Duchscherer, National Film Board of Canada
"I have been animating puppets for 25 years, and my first few minutes working with the Video Lunchbox was almost a religious experience."

Art Clokey, creator of Gumby
"It's indispensable for quality. . . wouldn't think of animating without them."

Mark Osborne, 1999 Academy Award nominated film, More
"It's perfect for what I'm doing, a lot of subtle animation to dialog, which I wouldn't have attempted in the past. I wouldn't consider animating without the LunchBox at this point." and,

"Notice the video lunchbox frame grabber next to the monitor - the best tool ever created for the stop-motion animator."

Axel Herreman, Stop motion animator
"I'd like to take this opportunity to say the LunchBox is probably one of the best inventions I've ever seen. I kid you not- to the Animation community you guys are heroes"

Webster Colcord, Pacific Data Images
"a terrific tool for stop motion and cel animators"

Susannah Shaw, Author of Stop motion, Craft skills for Model Animation, Focal Press
"To get right away from the nightmare of which animation software or video capture card to choose there is the extremely straight-forward Lunchbox. This is the simplest set-up of all and it is a great learning tool... Many animators are finding this a very friendly way to work"

Sarah Meyer, Robot Chicken
"I couldn't survive without a Lunchbox... my animation has improved greatly... It also helps to produce the animation faster, which is key for our really hectic schedule"

Mark Gustafson, PJs at Will Vinton Studios
"We can't imagine animating without them. . . It has helped us to increase our speed and efficiency without sacrificing any quality."

Peter Sluszka, Animator, Curious Pictures
"a liberating tool...Animators now have the luxury of taking bigger risks & exploring ideas without jeopardizing their shot."

Nick Donkin, Flying Gherkin
"My shots are getting funnier & more outlandish because I can see beyond the limitations & seize opportunities that I couldn't previously see."

Animation Magazine, Feb. 1999 article
"Animation Toolworks' Video LunchBox... has created a revolution in the way stop-motion animation is done."

Jerold Howard, ACB Animators
"[the LunchBox has] definitely saved stop motion, especially in commercial work. The process is much more streamlined now."

Stephen Chiodo, Chiodo Brothers
"That tool resurrected animation. It made a feature length animated film feasible."

Marc Lougee, Celebrity DeathMatch at MTV Animation
"It now takes 2/3-3/4 of time it was taking before the Video LunchBox. Before, the animations were conservative, stiff. With the LunchBox they are huge, big, adventurous shots... [it] speeds up the whole production. It works great."

Tom Franks, About.com, Feb. 2001 review
"the most direct method of animation I have tried. Instead of thinking of about menus, paths, script commands . . . my attention was completely focused on the figure."

John Logue, PJs at Will Vinton Studios
"It's one of the greatest tools available... It's a big help towards improving the quality of the animation... I'm sure we wouldn't be able to do this weekly series without [it]."

Michael Wolfe, Celebrity DeathMatch at MTV Animation
"You think differently with the Video LunchBox. You experiment a lot. The Video LunchBox instills confidence."

Brendan G., on the Claymation Group
"I gotta tell ya, If you'd ever use one, you'd know what the fuss is about. I have a small computer network, a PAR, and have even tested out the software solutions... there is no comparison. .. the ability to step onto a dark set, real tired, focus your camera, fire up the VLB and smile to yourself thinking, "Look Ma! no stinking computer !" is pure gold. From a fellow with a long computer history, it just feels so unibombery good to do the work without a computer"

Cameron Grey, PJs at Will Vinton Studios
"It's an invaluable tool, I couldn't get the weekly schedule done, with this quality level, without it. I wouldn't work without one... It's the greatest thing in the world"

Edward Schofield, The Neverhood
"It's an animators dream. It does everything that I've always wanted a frame grabbing system to do."

Scott Nordlund, Animator on Nickelodeon's Joey's Lunch
"the greatest invention ever"

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