Privacy Policy


  • No Cookies: We design and make lunchboxes. You put stuff in the lunchboxes. Want cookies? You'll have to get your own. We don't give you any cookies. Sorry.
    Come. Enjoy yourself. And don't worry about leaving a trail of cookie crumbs behind you.

  • What information we save: If you request information, say a promotional video tape, or if you ask a question via email, we will save the information you provide to us. That way we can respond to your request, and let you know of any pertinent updates. How often is a "pertinent update?" To date, less than once a year.

  • What information we sell to others: None. Zero. Zilch.

  • What information we give to others: If you have requested information from us, we may give your contact information to the distributor covering your location, so that they may answer your questions locally. Also, once in a great while, an individual may contact us seeking people with similar interests (e.g., other high school students who went to CSSSA, or other elementary school teachers offering claymation classes). In an effort to be helpful to members of the animation community, we will sometimes provide such individuals with the requested information.

  • Finally: We view ourselves as citizens of, and serving, the animation community. If you feel that our policies have abused your privacy, please contact us and let us know of what we are guilty. We will make an honest effort to modify our behavior in the future.

    Arthur Babitz and Howard Mozeico


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"The editing features are invaluable for character animation"

"It's a LunchBox on steroids, and it still looks simple"

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