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Sheridan College Selects the Video LunchBox In Major Equipment Upgrade

November 10, 1999, Oakville, Ontario -- Sheridan College, one of the leading animation programs in North America, is expanding its facilities with the latest animation equipment. New computers, software, cameras and pencil test systems are helping Sheridan's animation program improve the animation education they provide. For pencil test, the workhorse of the learning experience, Sheridan will feature Animation Toolworks' Video LunchBox.

Sheridan has purchased six Video LunchBoxes. "Sheridan is very excited to be upgrading the equipment in our already world class animation program," said Scott Turner, Dean of the School of Animation, Arts and Design. "We chose the Video LunchBox for its blinding speed. Students love it. They find it quick and easy, and it plays clean looking animation. Within days of their arrival, the Video LunchBoxes had become our most popular piece of linetest equipment."

"Animation Toolworks is very pleased to have been selected by Sheridan College," said Animation Toolworks' CEO, Howard Mozeico. "With its excellent faculty for teaching character animation, and using six Video LunchBoxes, the students at Sheridan will be refining their animation techniques faster and more deeply than ever before."

The Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College provides the opportunity to master drawing skills and refine their capabilites with motion, then apply these to the craft of dramatization and storytelling.

Created two years ago by Oregon-based Animation Toolworks, the Video LunchBox is a device used to capture still images from a video camera and playback this sequence of images at the same rate as film images or television video. It enables animators to instantly test their work in progress, monitoring pacing, lighting, and registration. This early, rapid testing eliminates time-consuming errors and allows for confident, rapid progress during animation. The LunchBox's instant feedback also makes it possible to quickly and cheaply try alternatives, resulting in bolder animation. Video LunchBoxes have been installed in animation studios and educational facilities around the world, including MTV Animation, Will Vinton Studios, Tippett Studios, Curious Pictures, the National Film Board of Canada, NYU, CalArts, USC, UCLA, and Philadelphia University of the Arts.

Animation Toolworks serves professional animators and animation students by providing tools to reduce their cost and reinforce their creativity. The Video LunchBox is widely used by traditional and stop motion animators, and in universities, high schools, and even elementary schools.

"Get it. Does what you want it to do and more. And it's relatively cheap"

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