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The PJs Gears Up With Its 49th Video LunchBox

May 25, 1999, Portland, OR --As it's first season draws to a close, the highly rated prime time weekly "Foamation" animated series, The PJs is preparing for its second season on Fox Television. Tom Turpin (CEO/President of Will Vinton Studios) and Will Vinton (Chairman) are executive producing The PJs, in partnership with Imagine Entertainment and Eddie Murphy, in association with Touchstone Television. In addition, Will Vinton Studios is animating the series. FOX has picked up 22 episodes for the second season which has required the purchase of an additional 14 Video LunchBoxes from Animation Toolworks. The purchase brings to 49 the number of Video LunchBoxes purchased by Will Vinton Studios.

"We can't imagine animating without them"

Mark Gustafson, supervising director for the PJs, explains why Will Vinton Studios has bought so many Video LunchBoxes, "We need a Video LunchBox for every animator. We can't imagine animating without them. The Video LunchBox has been something of a revolution for us. It has helped us to increase our speed and efficiency without sacrificing any quality. It is without a doubt the most useful new tool to come along in stop motion for many years. Plus, it looks like a lunchbox, and that's just cool."


"The Video LunchBox is one of the greatest tools available"

John Logue, a director on the series, says "No reservation, the Video LunchBox is one of the greatest tools available. It is helping our schedule, is so handy for training, and is a big help towards improving the quality of the animation. I'm sure we wouldn't be able to do this weekly series without the Video LunchBox."

Will Vinton Studios, based in Portland, Oregon, is recognized as one of the foremost creators of dimensional character animation in the world. In addition to The PJs, Turpin and Vinton are executive producing the upcoming dimensional animation prime time series, Gary and Mike with Fax Bahr and Adam Small (creators of Mad TV) and Big Ticket Television for FOX network. Over the past twenty years, Will Vinton Studios has created literally hundreds of characters for commercials including the California Raisins, a number of television specials and a feature film, and has won an Academy Award, six Emmy's and numerous Clio awards. The Studio's five year M&M's commercial campaign has realized immense popularity.

Created two years ago by Oregon-based Animation Toolworks, the Video LunchBox is a device used to capture still images from a video camera and playback this sequence of images at the same rate as film images or television video. It enables animators to instantly test their work in progress, monitoring pacing, lighting, and registration. This early, rapid testing eliminates time-consuming errors and allows for confident, rapid progress during animation. The LunchBox's instant feedback also makes it possible to quickly and cheaply try alternatives, resulting in bolder animation. The Video LunchBox is widely used by traditional and stop motion animators, and in universities, high schools, and even elementary schools.

Animation Toolworks, based in Sherwood, Oregon, serves professional animators and animation students by providing tools to reduce their cost and reinforce their creativity.



"Get it. Does what you want it to do and more. And it's relatively cheap"

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