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Animation Toolworks Introduces MultiReel - 18 LunchBox Syncs in One

June 5, 2002 Annecy, France - At the opening of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival today, Animation Toolworks introduced its new MultiReel option to the LunchBox Sync™, the popular electronic audio-video device for animators. The MultiReel option is like having 18 or more LunchBoxes in one. Each of at least 18 separate storage areas, or Reels, gives you as much storage as the standard LunchBox Sync. In addition, each Reel is protected from editing any other Reels. MultiReel is great for multiple shots or scenes at studios, classrooms of students each with their own animation, separate on-going projects for independent animators, or extensive demo reels for individual students. In all, the LunchBox Sync with the MultiReel option can store over 120 minutes of video, and over 1000 minutes of audio in one small, portable device.

MultiReel is available as an option to the LunchBox Sync, which stays the same lunchbox size it was. MultiReel is also available as an upgrade to existing LunchBox Syncs. With the ease customers have come to expect from Animation Toolworks, the MultiReel option is accessed by the push of a button. There are no file directories through which to meander, no undecipherable file names&ldots; just the press of a button.

There are 18 (PAL) or 22 (NTSC) separate storage areas, or Reels, in a LunchBox Sync with the MultiReel option. Each Reel offers an animator a personal space for over 5 ½ minutes of animation- with its own audio track, its own exposure counts for images, the ability to shoot on 1s, 2s or 3s, and the ability to edit, without touching any of the other Reels. Each of these Reels is the equivalent of a standard LunchBox Sync.

These attributes make the MultiReel optioned LunchBox Sync ideal for a student setting. Each student can store and return to their own animation throughout the semester. Independent animators can separately store episodes of their web animation, different music videos, or client proposals.

 The LunchBox Sync enables animators to instantly test their work in progress and eliminate time-consuming errors by monitoring pacing, lighting, audio synchronization, and registration. The LunchBox Sync also results in bolder animation by reducing the time to try alternatives. As with its predecessor, studios and independents use the LunchBox Sync for Academy Award nominated shorts, weekly television series, television specials, commercials, web animation, and theme park rides. Colleges, elementary and high schools, museums, and after school programs build classes around the LunchBox.

The LunchBox Sync captures still images from a video camera and plays back this sequence of images at the proper rate for television. There are two models of the LunchBox Sync, one for PAL (25 frames per second playback), and one for NTSC (either 24 or 30 frames per second playback). The LunchBox Sync accepts input from either composite or S-Video devices such as cameras and VCRs. It cleanly outputs this same format video to monitors, VCRs, computers, etc. The LunchBox Sync can also record audio input, play back the audio with the video, and play associated audio when frames are stepped through one at a time (audio "scrubbing"). The "Sync" comes from the LunchBox's ability to synchronize the audio with matching frames of video, at the touch of a button. In addition, the LunchBox Sync provides simple controls to alter holds (the number of frames each image is shown), or to replace, insert, and delete frames. The reason for the LunchBox's popularity among professionals, schools, students and hobbyists - is the product's instant feedback, and the ability to learn and use this technology in ten minutes. Animators appreciate the simplicity and transparency of the LunchBox, calling it "a liberating tool."

Animation Toolworks, based in Oregon, USA, serves professional animators and animation students by providing tools to reduce their cost and reinforce their creativity.

Participation by Animation Toolworks at Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2002 was funded in part by funds administered by the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.

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