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LunchBox Sync Helps Launch Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design Animation Program

February 6, 2001, Denver, Colorado -- Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design has launched the first phase of their plan to become a leading animation program in North America. As the technology basis for teaching their students the principles of animation, the program has selected the LunchBox Sync™ from Animation Toolworks.

The College has started its program with the purchase of eleven LunchBox Syncs. "Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design has begun the first step of a serious, well researched plan to make the College a premier school for animation," said Scott Cone, Director of Technology. "We chose the LunchBox Sync because flat out, there is no better technology for learning animation. In order for our graduates to be effective animators, they need to learn the principles of animation early, and they need to practice, practice, practice these principles. Our curriculum is designed around that concept, and the LunchBox Sync is optimized for efficiently practicing the principles upon which students will rely." The next phase of the College's plan calls for classes which teach experimental animation, as well as incorporating music and audio with moving images. "At that point," says Cone, " we plan on equipping our classrooms so that each student will have access to their own LunchBox. In an environment like that, with effective teaching, practice will make perfect."

"Animation Toolworks is truly excited to be working with Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design on such an ambitious, well-planned project," said Animation Toolworks' CEO, Howard Mozeico. "All the elements for reaching the goal of creating a top notch animation program are in place: the plan, the faculty, the equipment, the students, and the tangible enthusiasm that surrounds the participants."

The LunchBox Sync captures still images from a video camera and plays back this sequence of images at the same rate as film or television. It accepts input from either composite (NTSC or PAL) or S-Video devices such as cameras and VCRs. It cleanly outputs this same format video to monitors, VCRs, computers, etc. The LunchBox Sync records these still images internally for playback at 24 or 30 frames per second. Over five minutes of animation can be stored. The LunchBox Sync records audio input, plays back the audio with the video, and plays associated clips of audio when frames are stepped through one at a time (audio "scrubbing"). The "Sync" comes from the LunchBox's ability to synchronize the audio with matching frames of video, at the touch of a button. In addition, the LunchBox Sync provides simple controls to alter timing, replace, insert, and delete frames.

Animation Toolworks, based in Sherwood, Oregon, serves professional animators and animation students by providing tools to reduce their cost and reinforce their creativity.

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