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An Introduction to Characterization by McAnim8

An Introduction to Storyboarding by McAnim8

A Teacher's Initial Experiences With the LunchBox by Eleanor Ritter

Using the LunchBox to Teach Science by Ken Winkley


Animation Timing and Pacing by McAnim8

Animation: Who Does What by Nataha Lightfoot

Folk Art in the Classroom by McAnim8

Seven Steps in Animating A Scene by Nataha Lightfoot

The 12 Basic Principles of Animation by Nataha Lightfoot

Syllabus for The Art of Animation, An Introductory Workshop by Gary Schwartz

Animation Booklist by Gary Schwartz 

Shooting in Real Time with the LunchBox Sync by Wendy Jackson Hall

Animated Kids: An Analysis of Comprehension of Animation Logic in Young Children by Wendy Jackson Hall

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