Animated Video Clip Submission
to the Animation Toolworks website

Instructions: If you are submitting a video tape, print this form, fill it out, and send it with your tape to the address below.
If you are submitting an electronic file (QT or avi), copy this page, fill it out, and email it along with your animation file to the email address below.


Name of person submitting the animation:


Phone Number:

Videos can be submitted in any of the following formats:
o QuickTime movie (preferred, on floppy, CD-ROM or via email) - 160x120 please
o AVI (on floppy, CD-ROM or via email) - 160x120 please
o VHS video tape

Videos will be edited to a size of 160x120. They will typically be edited to 10-20 seconds, with a target file size of 300KB. You can submit more than the above duration, but we will then edit it. Please indicate what segment you want submitted. If you leave this blank, we will select a clip.

Segment you would like submitted (from time 0):


There will be a page dedicated to your animation. You need to tell us what you want said.

Title of animation:

Artist or Institution:

Paragraph on the animation, or the circumstances under which it was made(e.g., first time animators in our fifth grade class made this animation about safety):




There will be also be a page dedicated to the artist or institution. You need to tell us what you want said.

Artist or Institution:

Paragraph on the artist or institution (suggestion- include your address and phone number):




If you have a web page you want us to link to, what is the URL:


Was the LunchBox Sync or Video LunchBox used for final output of this animation?:


I certify that the submitted animation was created with the help of a LunchBox Sync or Video LunchBox.
I hereby grant permission to Animation Toolworks for the animation described above to be displayed on the Animation Toolworks website for public viewing.


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