LunchBox Animation Reel


Converse "Strange Science"


Webster Colcord - Director, Producer, Animator, Character Design

Close up blob-thru tube animation, close up of shoes animated by Schell Hickel

Sets by Dave Waddle and Mark Kendrick

Director of Photography: John Ashlee and David Trappe

The third of a trio of spots produced by Webster Colcord for Converse' line of "Touch EFX" children's shoes. This spot aired on Nickelodeon in 1996.

An early version of the Lunchbox was used in conjuction with the film camera, we also used it with a video tap camera to test our camera moves thru the lense of the 35 Mitchell camera. We also used what is called a "bash-light" which is simply a very bright light, usually on a foot pedal, that we would turn on while viewing with the video tap camera. Because the tap camera sees thru the stopped-down taking lense of the film camera, the image is usually very poor unless you have additional light.



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