LunchBox Animation Reel


"Essays in Self-Discovery"


Marco Farren-Dai

This animated clip was created under unexpected and improbable circumstances during 4 days on site at the National Archives of Canada during the October 2003 Ottawa International Student Animation Festival (SAFO '03). The auteur, 11-year old Marco Farren-Dai, was attending the "Career Day" session of the Festival when he spied -- and was allowed to "play with" -- the LunchBox Sync, at the interactive display of the College of Creative Studies. Marco's unforeseen encounter with the LunchBox was a love-at-first-site experience in self-discovery. During the next 3 days Marco kept returning to the LunchBox, and in a burst of virtual non-stop animation-making frenzy had clocked four to five minutes of footage by Festival's end. SAFO screened a clip of Marco's opus at the Festival closing night ceremony. AWN reviewer for SAFO '03 referred to the Festival's newest animator as follows: "Listen Bud,He's got Radioactive Blood."

[webmaster's note: only a small portion of that screening is contained here. The complete screening, we are told, roused a standing ovation for Marco.]


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"Life drawing couldn't have moved until we had the LunchBox"

"The LunchBox is the only machine that works as fast as me. It's indispensable for my films"

"To me, it is the Holy Grail of Animation"

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