LunchBox Animation Reel


"Pattern Block V - Black Hole"


OMSI/Claymation® Class


Created at OMSI/Claymation® week long summer 1998 class (2nd through 8th grade). Students used clay and simple art materials to design and construct their own characters and sets. The Video Lunchbox replaced the 16mm format, allowing time to develop, edit,and reshoot as needed, giving students immediate feedback of their process and product. Instructors of the class included Carole Gurges (elementary educator in Wilsonville, Oregon - and Will Vinton Studios Interns Justin Myers, Liz Randall and Peter Bakke. Contact OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) Outreach department at 503-797-4649 for more informaton about Claymation® classes.

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"10 times more capable than it was before, and it's still easy"

"The editing features are invaluable for character animation"

"It's a LunchBox on steroids, and it still looks simple"

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