LunchBox Animation Reel


"Rough Study #1"


Larry Fagan

These very rough studies are my first time use of the LunchBox at CalArts. The purpose was to test the advertised ability of the LunchBox, before I let our students use these units in the field... The LunchBox passed with flying colors. I only wish I had put more effort into the animation.

The "jack" movie is a rough sketch head I had sitting around my studio. I shot my self lipsynking the audio into the Lunchbox and then, rotoscoped it in clay. I spent all of 15 minutes working on this little clip. I was focusing mostly on expression and not registration so it is a little jumpy.

The Video LunchBox was used for final output to VHS.

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"10 times more capable than it was before, and it's still easy"

"The editing features are invaluable for character animation"

"It's a LunchBox on steroids, and it still looks simple"

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