LunchBox Animation Reel


LunchBox First Try - Armature


Marc Spess

The experimental animation that I sent in is really a very half fast job of putting a character together for animating, but I was pretty excited when I got my animation lunchbox in the mail. I was never able to get that kind of instant result to look at since I had always used surface guages, and had faith that my 16mm camera would do the rest. The first thing I was to see what it would be like to view a scene that was animated at 30 frames per second and thats what came out. Nothing really special, but it was pretty exciting to see such instant results. The output is direct from the Video LunchBox to tape.

The first thing is an armature I am building from machined aluminum. The reason for the shot was to test the incomplete armature to see if it would hold up under animation conditions, and to test the camera pan attachment I built that attaches to my tripod.


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