LunchBox Animation Reel


Annecy 2001 Anijam


Raphael Dallaporta, Gobelins

Gary Schwartz, Single Frame Films

Teeluckdharry, EMCA

Marchand Lionel, EMCA


Francesca Carabelli, Digital Video

Champault Jean-Louis, EMCA

Andreas Marchal, Ecole Superieure

Soundtrack by


This animation was created at the Annecy International Festival in June of 2001. Any festival attendees were invited to come up and participate in the anijam. Almost none of them had used a LunchBox before.

Materials were paper and scissors. Equipment was a LunchBox Sync PAL model. Hence the theme: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sync.

All images and audio were recorded onto the LunchBox Sync. Output was direct from the LunchBox to a PC, via a Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge.



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"10 times more capable than it was before, and it's still easy"

"The editing features are invaluable for character animation"

"It's a LunchBox on steroids, and it still looks simple"

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