Educational Advantages of the LunchBox DV...


The LunchBox DV is a superb tool for teaching animation, for both students, and you, the teacher.


Student Advantages

Students get to see their animation, instantly. Students learn to use it in minutes. Students learn animation fundamentals quickly, and it's fun.

Students can

learn to use the LunchBox DV in minutes: LunchBox es are being used at universities, at high schools, and at elemenatry schools. Students can learn the basics in under five minutes.

get feedback instantly: The LunchBox DV works instantly, without any delay.

use the LunchBox DV to create entire festival entries, or for pencil test, and for reference test: Teach traditional 2D animation, or stop motion, the LunchBox DV supports both. It's versatile enough to handle a wide variety of student projects.

painlessly experiment: Lighting, composition, art direction, pacing - wouldn't it be nice to try alternatives? When capture and playback is instantaneous, experimentation has a negligible cost in time. So students try different approaches. Isn't "learn by doing" what it's all about?

focus on characterization: The LunchBox DV strips away the complications of commands, menus, and file versions. So the student focuses on the character they are animating, not the tool rendering the character.

Create an entire festival entry, or just show their parents their work: With the excellent image and audio quality, students can create an entire festival entry on the LunchBox DV. Transfer the animation to a Mac or firewire enabled PC to create a DVD. Or, if you have a VHS or S-VHS video tape recorder (VCR) in your classroom, the LunchBox DV can record onto a VHS or S-VHStape.

study motion using our real time capture: The LunchBox DV can capture 30 frames per second. So students can capture lip movement, dance or athletic movement, the rebound of a billiard ball, etc. Students can then examine each frame of the movement to help them understand the motion of objects, and plan how to exaggerate the actual motion.

view frame by frame, as fast as they want: Want to see the previous frame? Just press the button and it's there.

have fun: Fast. Easy. Effective. Fun. What a combination!

create music videos, or learn how to sync a soundtrack . With CD quality audio, the LunchBox DV enables you to create an entire music video without the aid of a computer. Synchronize your audio track to your video, and scrub the audio as you step through the frames, it's straight forward with the LunchBox DV.

preview what they are about to commit to: Flip-flop mode lets students see the difference between what they have committed to (a captured frame), and what they are about to commit to (the live video input), before capturing the new image.

do rotoscoping: Using our real time capture, and flip-flop mode (see above), students can do a version of rotoscoping. To accurately animate lip movement for speech, a student can capture in real time a human speaking the desired words. Then, using flip-flop mode, she would toggle rapidly between the human example and her drawing (or puppet). When the drawing accurately resembles the human, she captures the drawing, and proceeds to the next frame. Using this technique, you can replace your human "reference" with your precise drawings.

"You will be able to get many, many more students through the system in the same amount of time. This translates into more students being able to use a single piece of equipment"

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Teacher Advantages

Besides helping students learn animation quickly and effectively, the LunchBox DV is a more cost-effective piece of equipment for your school. And it's less demanding of your knowledge of technology to teach with, and keep running.

You can operate under a tighter budget, and get more done: The great performance of the LunchBox DV, combined with the repititive nature of capturing frames, means your students can complete more projects with a LunchBox DV than with any alternative.

You don't have to be a technologist to teach with the LunchBox DV: No PC, no Mac, no commands, no mouse, no periodic software installation.

Teach timing, effortlessly: Show students the difference between 24 frames per second or 30 fps playback without having to wait. Or, show them how their animation will look on 2s instead of 1s, or 3s instead of 2s. At your fingertip.

You can probably use the camcorder you have in your classroom now: Works with CCD camcorders.

You can easily move the LunchBox DV from room to room, or class to class, or set to set: The LunchBox DV is the size of, you guessed it, a lunchbox. It weighs under six pounds.