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Marc Spess


I grew up in New York, and the first person to introduce me to sculpting was Mrs George in second grade. I have been sculpting ever since, and after some time sculpting, Will Vinton had a bunch of clay animated commercials which inspired me to try and learn the tecniques, and sculpting styles that they used. I was lucky enough to meet many people who worked at Vintons and things took off from there. I have worked at John Lemmon films to create armatures, and sculpt characters for the Henry Cycle projects. I also animated on a few bumpers for Ted Turners Cartoon Network, and to create sculpted pieces for promotional photo shoots. After working for John Lemmon, Webster Colcord took me in to help with some Warner Brothers spots for Latin America.It was a fun time, and I learned a lot of tricks that I reveal on my web site.

I havent done much freelance work lately, but am now creating a short film called Heaven or Hell in my basement, which is kind of a gross comedy using models, and clay animation. Its coming along pretty well. I have also done a short film called Teddy Bears Mistake a few years ago. As for my other professions, I sculpt all the Disney Sweet tarts for Disney, and work as a wax carver for a very popular store called Paul Stuart Jewelers in St Peters Missouri.



"The editing features are invaluable for character animation"

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