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Marco Farren-Dai

533 Bay St.
Ottawa, Canada K1R 6B4

Marco was born prematurely and had a sight impairment in one eye requiring the surgical implant of a plastic intra-ocular lense at the Eye Institute of the Ottawa General Hospital when he was six years old. He spent several years patiently being observed through -- and observing first-hand -- current state of the art optical instruments and techniques. Such techniques now emphasize not only viewing capacity of the eye - but more importantly the strengthening of the eye-brain "imprinting" processes in the critical age window of zero to 8. Marco routinely viewed cartoon clips while pediatric ophthalmologists viewed the improvements in "sight" in the impaired eye. Marco thus has an eery connection to the early 19th century English physician pioneers of animation -- such as Peter Roget who in 1824 at the University of London studied the effects of moving images on the retina of the human eye -- and John Paris who in 1825 created the prototype of optical toys the thaumatrope. Marco is an avid daily reader of comic strips and comic books in French, Brazilian Portuguese (his mother tongue) and English, including "manga." He continues seeking out new opportunities for learning more about and doing animation. In September 2004 Marco is registered in a Fine Arts Program at an Ottawa French-speaking high school.




"To me, it is the Holy Grail of Animation"

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