Animation Toolworks Artist Pages

Here you will find information about artists who have used either a LunchBox Sync or a Video LunchBox to submit one or more animations in our Animation Reel. You will also find here artists who have submitted articles for our Library.


A&S Animation Inc.

Aberle Films

Animated Adventures

Webster Colcord

Carol Ashley

Curious Pictures

David Allen Productions

Eleanor Ritter

Flying Gherkin International

Gary Schwartz

Grant Hiestand

Jon-Paul Kelly

Kyle Clark

Larry Fagan

Marco Farren-Dai


Mike Bates

Marc Spess

Manhattan Beach Intermediate School

MTV Animation

Nataha Lightfoot

The Neverhood

OMSI/Claymation® Class

Sonny Rosenberg

Taylor Umphenour

Wendy Jackson Hall

Will Vinton Studios

Wilsonville Primary School Students

Wreckless Abandon Studios




"The LunchBox is the only machine that works as fast as me. It's indispensable for my films"

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