Professional Advantages of the LunchBox DV...

The LunchBox DV was designed for the professional animator. With the LunchBox DV, the animator, you, get to see your animation, instantly. You can learn to use it in minutes

Animator Advantages

The combination of the LunchBox DV's performance, features, and ease of use adds up to the best alternative for the professional animator.

learn to use the LunchBox DV in minutes: You can learn the basics of the LunchBox DV in under five minutes. Really.

get feedback instantly: The LunchBox DV works instantly, without delay. It will even repetitively play loops.

use the LunchBox DV for final output, or for pencil test, and for reference test: If DV quality is good enough for your production, then the LunchBox DV can be used for your final output. Or use the LunchBox DV for testing traditional 2D animation, or stop motion, the LunchBox DV supports both. It¹s versatile enough to handle a wide variety of contracts.

create music videos, or just add a soundtrack and sync it up. With CD quality audio, the LunchBox DV enables you to create an entire music video without the aid of a computer. Synchronize your audio track to your video, and scrub the audio as you step through the frames, it's straight forward with the LunchBox DV.

painlessly experiment: Lighting, composition, art direction, pacing - wouldn¹t it be nice to try alternatives? When capture and playback are instantaneous, experimentation has a negligible cost in time. So you try different approaches, instead of avoiding something that would otherwise take too much time. The result: you push the envelope, and your animations look better.

focus on characterization: The LunchBox DV strips away the complications of commands, menus, and file versions. So the animator focuses on the character they are animating, not the tool rendering the character.

show your animations to clients or colleagues: Have a Mac or PC with firewire, along with video editing software? Then you can transfer your animation directly to your computer for post production, or to create a DVD for clients. If you have a standard VHS or S-VHS video tape recorder (VCR), the LunchBox DV can record onto a standard VHS tape too.

study motion using our real time capture: The LunchBox DV can capture 30 frames per second. So you can capture lip movement, dance or athletic movement, etc. Then examine each frame of the movement to help you understand the motion of objects.

view frame by frame, as fast as they want: Want to see the previous frame? Just press the button and it's there. Want to see the last two, plus the one you are about to shoot? Can do. Instantly.

have fun: Fast. Easy. Effective. Fun. What a combination!

preview what they are about to commit to: Flip-flop mode lets you see the difference between what you have committed to (a captured frame), and what you are about to commit to (the live video input), before capturing the new image. This helps you avoid errors, and refine pacing.

do rotoscoping: With the combination of the LunchBox DV¹s real time capture, and its flip-flop mode (see above), you can do a version of rotoscoping. If you want to accurately animate lip movement for speech, you can capture in real time a human speaking the desired words. Then, using flip-flop mode, you toggle rapidly between the human example and your drawing (or puppet). When the drawing accurately resembles the human, capture your drawing, and proceed to the next frame. Using this technique, you can replace your human ³reference² with your precise drawings.

"10 times more capable than it was before, and it’s still easy"

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Studio Advantages

The LunchBox DV is a more cost-effective piece of equipment for your studio. And it¹s less demanding of your knowledge of technology to use and keep running.

You can operate under a tighter budget, and get more done: The great performance of the LunchBox DV, combined with the repititive nature of capturing frames, means your animators can complete more projects with a LunchBox DV than with any alternative.

You don't have to be a technologist to work with the LunchBox DV: No PC, no Mac, no commands, no mouse, no periodic operating system installation.

You can probably use the video camera or camcorder you have in your studio now: Works with CCD video cameras. Analog? Yes. DV? Yes.

You can easily move the LunchBox DV from workbench to workbench, or set to set: The LunchBox DV is the size of, you guessed it, a lunchbox. It weighs under six pounds.