About Animation Toolworks


Animation Toolworks was incorporated in 1997. Based in Sherwood, Oregon, the principals of Animation Toolworks have been making frame grabbers for animators since 1996. Animation Toolworks serves professional animators and animation students by providing tools to reduce their cost and reinforce their creativity.

Animation Toolworks' first product, the Video LunchBox(TM), was conceived over lunch in a Portland, Oregon restaurant. Animation Toolworks Vice President of Engineering Arthur Babitz was asked by an animator friend to build a frame grabber. The animator had three requirements-- the frame grabber needed to be portable, so he could take it to different jobs, it needed to fit an artist's budget, and it needed to hold lots of frames. Ideas were sketched and exchanged on a napkin, and a few weeks later the prototype Video Lunchbox was ready. Many local animators offered their opinions on refinements to the design, as well as their deposits for the first production run. Thus, Animation Toolworks was born.

The successor to the Video LunchBox, the LunchBox Sync, was introduced in September 2000. The LunchBox Sync retains the lunchbox size and shape combined with the industry's easiest to use interface. It adds support for audio synchronization, editing features, and improves both frame capacity and image quality.

The principals of Animation Toolworks are Arthur Babitz and Howard Mozeico. The two worked together several times as engineering managers at Mentor Graphics Corporation, and at Cinemar Corporation, both Portland, Oregon area software companies.

Arthur Babitz is Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Babitz was the inventor of the Video LunchBox. A graduate of Harvard, Mr. Babitz has worked for 16 years as an electronic and software engineer and engineering manager at Bolt, Berenak and Neuman, Teradyne, and Mentor Graphics. Mr. Babitz also served as a technical producer at Will Vinton Studios. Mr. Babitz has specialized in parallel processor design, simulation, and interactive media. Email Arthur Babitz: arthur@animationtoolworks.com

Howard Mozeico is Chief Executive Officer. Most recently Mr. Mozeico was Vice President of Technology and Development at Cinemar Corporation. Mr. Mozeico has been developing and managing the development of interactive graphic software for 19 years, at Tektronix, Mentor Graphics and Cinemar Corporation. Mr. Mozeico has specialized in user interface for design of maps, graphic art, electronic systems, software systems, and 3D virtual reality multimedia titles. Email Howard Mozeico: howardm@animationtoolworks.com